Don’t take dignity for granted

In 2024, Malta will celebrate 20 years as a member of the European Union. The decision by the Maltese to join the EU was a momentous event in our history. Malta’s place in the EU was achieved by the determination of Eddie Fenech Adami, Guido de Marco and the Nationalist Party team in government at the time.

We joined the EU not for the sake of funds. We joined the EU, first and foremost, to safeguard our democracy and to be on the same table where we could influence decisions that affected us.


The ugly head of populism, which exploits the fear of change and challenges, has been rearing its head in Malta and the EU. We must face our challenges by digging into our collective memory and heri­tage and inspire ourselves from our ancestral roots.

The leaders who led Malta to independence and membership of the EU had a vision for Malta which spurred them on in spite of all the fears that were being bandied about. The Maltese people made the decision that anchored our nation in the European community of nations.

We cannot take freedom, dignity and prosperity for granted. We have to fight for them all the time. Freedom cannot be safeguarded if populism, which exploits people’s fears, is not countered with policies that address the root of fear; it cannot be guaranteed if democracy and the rule of law are not enhanced.


The dignity of each and every one of us cannot survive if those in power, instead of planning for the common good, are held hostage by those who have narrow financial interests.

Having our dignity on a sound foundation means living at home and in a community in which we feel safe and free to be who we are, earning a living without begging for our rights or resorting to soliciting favours.

It means that all of us, especially families with children, can enjoy an urban and natural environment that enriches us and enhances our health, both mental and physical.

Our prosperity can only thrive if each individual’s potential to develop further has the opportunity to do so. Our prosperity as a nation is intricately bound up with the aspirations and hopes of our young people and children who should be served by a concept of education that helps them nurture their gifts to the full.


The dignity of each one of us cannot survive if those in power are held hostage by those with narrow financial interests– Norma Camilleri


We cannot have a country where young people are disenchanted with it. Young people yearn, aspire and dream. The country must resonate with their aspirations. They are the future.

Our prosperity as a nation that has a soul can only survive if we accompany vulnerable citizens, not exploit them. A nation’s soul is as healthy as the level of meaningful accompaniment with the vulnerable. A nation’s soul is lost if it does not protect its own culture. Our rich cultural heritage cannot be allowed to be undermined or compromised.

We need the EU so that we may journey together with a community of nations in solidarity with each other. This is the European aspiration.

It does not always work as all of us wish. However, the fact that it even exists is already a miracle that grew out of the ravages of World War II.

We need to go back in history to appreciate the miracle that is the European Union today. If we do not learn from history, history will repeat itself.

European nations need to walk together more.

We need to listen to people’s concerns and act on them, not exploit them.

In 2024, Malta will be in its 20th year of this wonderful journey. I want to be part of this journey by being of service to you and to my country by contesting the 2024 European Parliament elections.

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