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About Norma

Norma’s extensive experience spans a variety of settings and client groups, and she has shared her insights on the international stage through engaging presentations on her areas of expertise.

As the CEO of a local Federation which oversees 17 diverse multi-professional organizations, Norma has successfully managed numerous local projects and cultivated valuable EU-funded partnerships. Beyond her professional accomplishments, Norma has held leadership positions in the voluntary sector, including her current roles as President of the European Speech and Language Therapy Association (ESLA), and President of the Maltese Association of Speech-Language Pathologists (ASLP), and previously as Treasurer of ESLA.

Norma is a firm believer in the power of service, collaboration, and empowerment, recognising the pivotal role of communication in problem-solving. Her advocacy extends to vulnerable groups, with a special emphasis on mental wellness as a cornerstone of a healthy society and thriving economy. She also represents the Health, Elderly, and Pensioners Sector, in a local committee advocating for accessible healthcare and rights and better conditions for elderly and pensioners, while also championing Voluntary Organizations.

Committed to lifelong learning, Norma embodies the values of opportunity, support, knowledge, and continuous growth. Beyond her professional life, she is a musician who finds joy in culture and the performing arts. Alongside her husband Andre’ and their daughter Chiara, she seeks solace and adventure in outdoor pursuits, from open-water swimming to hiking.

Norma brings a wealth of experience, a strong passion for inclusivity, and an unwavering commitment to what is right and just to her role as an MEP candidate. Join us in this journey as we collectively believe in the values of opportunity, support, knowledge, networking, sharing, and the synergy needed to work together for a better Europe.

Building a brighter Europe together.

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Believe in a Better Europe

Welcome to the official website of our EPP MEP candidate, where we firmly believe in what is right and just. We are dedicated to bringing positive change to Europe by embracing the core values of opportunity, support, broadening horizons, knowledge, and learning.

Opportunity: We believe in creating opportunities for all, ensuring that every European citizen can reach their full potential and contribute to our shared future.

Support: Our commitment to support extends to every corner of Europe. We aim to be a voice for those who need it most, advocating for policies that uplift and empower communities.

Broadening Horizons: Europe’s diversity is its strength. We believe in embracing this diversity and fostering connections that transcend borders, enriching our collective experience.

Knowledge and Learning: In a rapidly changing world, knowledge is our compass. We are dedicated to lifelong learning, staying informed, and using our expertise to drive informed decision-making.

Networking: Building bridges and forming strong networks are essential to achieving our goals. We believe in working together, collaborating across parties and borders to address the pressing issues facing Europe.

Sharing: We are committed to sharing ideas, solutions, and experiences. Together, we can find innovative ways to address the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Join us on this journey to shape a brighter, more just, and inclusive Europe. Together, we can make a difference.